Saturday, September 29, 2012

Make Money Online With Success

Making money online with success is a recipe that everyone who ventures into internet land wants. The question becomes, is it really possible to make money online with success? The answer is yes, if you align yourself with the tools, people and circumstances designed for you to succeed. The word success breeds hope, expectation, anticipation, and belief in something greater than yourself and greater than what you have now.
Making money from home is also a fairly new catch phrase that goes hand in hand with making money online. It is chic, the new thing to do, the fad, the best going opportunity, the promise of hope of being able to break free from the bondage of a life that is not designed as you had hoped.
First on the list should be research. It is going to take some due diligence to understand how to make money online. Many people simply put are fearful of taking their financial future into their own hands. It is a very scary thing to be totally responsible for the outcome of your financial future. Most would rather 'subconsciously' have someone else to blame.
It is a pure fact that in life we get exactly what we are. If we are not developed within our mindset and our thinking, then our actions tend to attract experiences that resonate with our true belief system. For example many people say that they want to be successful, however they are not willing to do the things that successful people are willing to do.
A few on the list are as follows:
  • Write down your intentions daily
  • Exercise daily
  • Eat as healthy and as possible
  • Read some form of personal development every single day for at least 15 minutes a day
  • Take a positive position in spite of things that seem to be of a negative deal... in other words no matter what is happening, keep a positive attitude.
  • Listen to personal development audio every single day for at least 15 minutes a day...
  • Take 15 minutes a day to meditate, clear your mind and just be one with the Universe and allow your mind to be open to receive whatever the universe gives.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who are supportive of you and your dreams and goals.
  • Set goals for yourself but be open to having even more than you can imagine.
  • Help others as much as possible
  • Save at least 10% of every single dollar that you earn
  • Give at least 10% of every single dollar that you earn
  • Implement some type of investing for your earnings
  • Have a wealth building account, instead of saving for a rainy day... if you save for a rainy day, you will get a rainy day.
  • Lead by example, simply be the best person that you can be at all times.
  • Do not complain or allow yourself to be surrounded by others who complain, it is counterproductive on so many levels
  • Also limit your time spent watching the news it is filled with many many negative connotations of life that truly do nothing but keep your mindset tuned to a lower level of energy or frequency
  • Be very appreciative of who you are, love yourself and every facet of your body - and accept that you were born perfect in every capacity
  • Speak out loud every day what your intentions are
  • Last but definitely not least, have a vision board and or a dream board and have colorful pictures of all of your wants, the mind see's things in color and resonates very well with pictures of your desires.
In addition to the few things that should be done on a daily basis one must also take daily action towards their goal. Success does not come to the thinker alone; one must also implement a daily routine of actions.
Many people want the question answered, what is the best way to make money online? The answer is lies in you and your expectations. First you have to define what it is that you want to do and the best way to do that is to comprise a list that gives details of what you want and what you are willing to give in order to get it.
For example, when people want a six figure job in corporate America they generally know that they have to go to college and give up the time it will take to get an education geared towards the profession they are interested in pursuing. They also have to make financial sacrifices, even grants and fellowships take time in research and applying. Another avenue may be volunteering where they desire to work in exchange for experience or maybe even a scholarship. The fact is that it is understood that sacrifices are going to have to be made.
I am still not clear why so many people jump on line and believe that all they have to do is a few simple steps or click a few buttons or click a mouse a few times and then they will have instant financial gratification. I have not met anyone yet who has had success on line that didn't already have some sort of understanding of business, money to invest in advertising, or some other form of reference that breeds success.
Everyone else who is having success online had to start at the bottom and work their way up through the ranks with hard work, sweat and tears and fighting through their fears of doubt. If it were easy, everybody would have a website and America would be a different place because no one would be going to work everyday and I just don't see that happening. In order to have make money online with success online or otherwise there is a code of conduct that has to be implemented and followed.